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    Sales of single sofas growing, says new AMA data


    Upholstered furniture remains mainly a non-essential purchase with lengthy replacement cycles, according to the new report by AMA Research.

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    Office furniture market growth expected to slow, says AMA


    The UK office furniture dealers’ market reported another year of growth, although looking ahead growth is expected to slow.

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    The Replacements


    Cabinet Maker takes a look at the results of AMA Research Limited’s latest report the UK domestic kitchen furniture market.

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    Rise and Shine


    Cabinet Maker takes a look at the results of AMA Research Limited’s latest report into the UK’s upholstered furniture and beds market.

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    Sofas and beds showing ‘steady’ UK growth, says new data


    A new study has indicated that both the UK upholstered furniture and beds sectors are showing signs of ‘steady’ growth, as imports increase market share.

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    Where the heart is


    With the highest number of people working from home in 10 years, Cabinet Maker talks to Teknik Office’s Richard Coleman about the latest trends in home office furniture, and how independent retailers could benefit.

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    UK bedroom market shows modest growth as imports surge


    Intensifying competition and higher imports has delivered continued growth within the UK bedroom furniture market, albeit a modest increase of just 2%.

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    Furniture fittings market grows


    The furniture and cabinet fittings market in the UK has grown by an estimated 5% in 2015. According to a new report released by AMA Research, the sector has benefited from growth in recent years within the domestic furniture market, with an average growth of 3-4% on an annual basis since 2011. The

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    UK bed sales to hit £760m by 2018, says study


    A freshly published white paper by study group AMA Research has documented consistent growth within the UK bed market since 2011, forecasting that sales within the sector are estimated to hit £760m by 2018. The report states the domestic beds and mattresses market fell steadily in the 2008-2011