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Independents’ Days

2 December 2016

Cabinet Maker looks ahead to the upcoming AIS Furniture Show.


More For Your Money

2 December 2016

Bernard Eaton of Greenwood Retail presents seven ways to market and promote your business at no or very little cost.


As easy as...

25 November 2016

One of the newest sofa companies in the UK, ICD learnt a lot during its first year in business, leaving the team in a confident position with regards to what 2017 has in store. Cabinet Maker spoke to managing director Hans Thorn about the brand’s plans for the January Furniture ...


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17 March 2017


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Me Time

17 March 2017

Cabinet Maker caught up with Nolte post-January Show for an update on its approach to bringing individual personality to bedroom furniture.


One and All

17 March 2017

Cabinet Maker interviewed bespoke furniture designer Jane Handford, who recently celebrated a year of trading for her business, Jane Handford Designs.

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Young at Heart

10 March 2017

Cabinet Maker spoke to Cintique’s Simon Wade about how, by neglecting to cater for an ageing population with an appetite for functional but fashionable furniture, manufacturers and retailers could be missing out on a valuable market share.

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Store and Order

24 February 2017

Cabinet Maker finds out how Rauch Möbelwerke got on at the January Furniture Show and gains some insight into the company’s plans for the rest of the year.


Tools of the Trade

17 March 2017

Cabinet Maker takes a look at the results of the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) latest State of Trade survey.

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Uncertainty Challenge

10 March 2017

Cabinet Maker catches up with Serene Furnishings MD Tasleem Tasab on its latest investments and the continuing uncertainty cloud looming over the industry.

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In for the Skill

10 March 2017

Cabinet Maker visited upholstery manufacturer QFC to witness the presentation of the Manufacturing Guild Mark, but also came away with a lesson on training and the development of skills.

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Last Word - Dean Saunt

10 March 2017


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To be Shore

3 March 2017By

Bernadeta Winiarska of Micro Outsourcing offers a look at the trend of offshoring and nearshoring within the UK furniture industry.

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Busting the Myths

17 March 2017

Cabinet Maker takes a look at some of the surprising findings in a new report from The Market Creative, which looks at factors that influence shopper behaviour.

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The Replacements

17 March 2017

Cabinet Maker takes a look at the results of AMA Research Limited’s latest report the UK domestic kitchen furniture market.


Stand And Deliver

10 March 2017

Katie Lin, ombudsman at The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO) offers some advice on what traders should look out for when they deliver furniture, as per the consumer law currently in place.


At This Rate

10 March 2017

Helen Dickinson, chief executive at the British Retail Consortium argues that only fundamental reform will work for all businesses when it comes to rates.


Capital Gains

10 March 2017

Cabinet Maker reports back from the 2017 edition of the London Fabric Show, organised by the British Furniture Manufacturers Association (BFM).