Cabinet Maker catches up with German bedroom manufacturer Wiemann to find out about the importance of design when it comes to bedroom furniture and get an insight into some of the hottest trends in this area.

Multiplus from wiemann 3m open champagne and havanna

When it comes to creating a unique bedroom range, that perfect blend of design, style, innovation and practicality is key, according to Wiemann, which as been manufacturing and selling middle to upper middle market products to the UK for the past 10 years, and so is well placed to understand what hits the spot for both retailers and consumers when it comes to stylish designs. 

Said Simon Hewitt, managing director of the company’s sole agents in the UK and Ireland, Litmus Furniture: “When creating a new product collection, it’s crucial to compare current fashion trends and styles – what consumers are wearing and buying for their home – and turning that into a functional, practical design. Following that, it’s then important to consider the range’s health and safety aspects, durability, costs and its commercial appeal to the target market. 

Scope for Statement

Sita by wiemann close up of compartment

“Usually, there are more bedrooms in a home than living rooms, which means there is more scope for consumers to play around and create a real statement. Unlike beds and mattresses that often focus on more technical features and health considerations, we’ve found that bedroom furniture is more fashion-led and there’s more of a drive on the design aspects.” 

The company’s export manager, Kai Schwenke, couldn’t agree more, adding: “One of the long-time consumer favourites we have witnessed is the sliding door wardrobe, as it provides a simple and sleek look, yet is very practical and space saving - something which is an ever increasing concern in modern households. 

“For example, our Multiplus range (a three metre sliding door robe concept) manages to create a walk-in wardrobe effect behind centrally sliding doors or a fixed panel and comes complete with a host of exciting new accessories. It can be delivered in a space of less than 110mm depth.

Integrated Storage

“We’re also seeing a rise in popularity of integrated storage drawers, which provide a detail to the wardrobe front and are another space-saving solution, which can be seen on one of our latest collections, Boston. With this range, consumers can create a statement feature in the bedroom and it comes with maximum storage capacity, thanks to the dual-depth, bi-fold statement angled doors and integrated drawers.

“On our part, a glass finish is also available, which provides a very similar effect to high gloss but with none of the disadvantages. There’s a possibility of slight imperfections with the powder coating of a high gloss finish, but with glass, we get a much smoother, consistent surface that is more durable and longer lasting – which means less aggravation for retailers and their customers!” 


Boston by wiemann

Outside the Box

Added Simon: “It is important to always think outside of the box when it comes to designing new ranges, and that is important to us as a business. For example, one of our latest VIP ranges, Sita, adds a new dimension to bedroom furniture. It features a stylish open compartment and its wardrobe is packed with storage space – combining living room looks with functionality, practicality and design. We believe it’s currently unique to the bedroom market! 

“Another example of how we take an innovative approach to design is illustrated in our Kansas collection, which we recently launched at the 2017 January Furniture Show. The collection demonstrates a real attention to detail – something which is becoming ever more important to today’s consumer – the first of our wardrobes to come with one-touch-auto-opening hinge mechanism and new auto on/off internal LED lighting. 

Sita by wiemann large

Market Position

“Suppliers and manufacturers also need to take into consideration their marketing positioning. Generally, there’s less room to be innovative at the budget end, while if you’re at the top end of the market, you can afford to invent the best! 

“We’ve also noted a trend that consumers are usually prepared to spend more money on their bed and mattress rather than their furniture – but the bedroom environment is a critically important factor in getting a good night’s sleep. The right, innovative design will break away from the merely functional role of the usual bedroom furniture, and will help to increase selling appeal to both the retailer and consumer.

“Although it is a constant worry for manufacturers that their innovative designs can be stolen and copied, we believe that the way to counteract this is to do it first and to do it best!”