How Nolte’s approach to injecting individual personality into bedrooms is paying off, and a preview of the company’s plans for the January Furniture Show.


Nm10339 concept me


We all know that fashion trends have a tendency to change as quickly as they arrive.  The mini skirts and mod attire of the sixties made way for bell bottoms and glam rock in the seventies, which in turn were replaced by the high shoulder pads and punk fashion ‘enjoyed’ in the eighties.  The casual chic of the nineties is something which remains today, but one thing which has lasted throughout all of the fashion decades (and disasters) is the desire to accessorize and stand out from the crowd. 


Our work with some of the most successful furniture suppliers and retailers has told us that this desire for individuality is something which has transcended markets, and that consumers looking for home products are adopting a similar approach to those making fashion purchases.  

For one manufacturer, providing solutions to the consumer’s search for individualism is something of a second nature ethos. Indeed, bedroom furniture specialist, Nolte, has witnessed many trends come and go throughout Europe since its inception in Germany in 1955, and most recently, seen a great reaction from customers for its collection of customizable models. 

This collection is, excitingly, set to be expanded with the launch in early 2017 of concept me - a range of bedroom furniture designed to be able to match perfectly the personality of each individual user. Michael Tattersall, sales director at the company explained: “concept me has so many different faces – from timeless simplicity to an individual off-beat personality, everything the consumer needs to turn their own ideal bedroom concept into a reality.”

The range begins with three simple styles – Pure, Natural, and Offbeat, which provide the backbone of an almost limitless range of combinations to suit a similarly limitless spectrum of tastes. “We have to remember that furniture lives among people,” enthused Michael. “They don’t live next to it, but with it. It’s not just for admiring, but something that the end consumer should actually enjoy using.”

In the research and development of the range, the company looked at key considerations for the end user, including whether they read at night, and where books are stored, the need for storage space for bed linen and whether a mobile device can be charged next to the bed, even down to whether one partner gets up earlier in the morning, in order to provide a number of intelligent features to the range. 

“Intelligent functions characterise a piece of furniture every bit as much as its look and finish,” said Michael. “Lighter, more compact doors are a pleasure to open, whilst storage space not only keeps things tidy but also make the process of tidying more enjoyable. The function of furniture has a major influence on our lives.”

Concept me is designed as a complete bedroom system, where the wardrobes, beds, bedside chests and drawers adapt to suit the needs of the individual. Solutions in the concept me range are available with either hinged or sliding doors, with the option of having both in the same wardrobe to provide even more choice to the consumer. 

One of the aspects of the new collection Michael felt would be particularly popular is its ability to provide the freedom to choose. For example, if they want to choose a complete off-the-shelf solution, they can. Equally, they can source a design with a number of ingenious customised details.

In terms of the combinations available, concept me offers a wide choice of materials and finishes for a huge variety of not only looks, but feels as well. The wardrobe, for example, is available in seven body colours and 17 front designs. Free-standing bedside chests, on the other hand, come in three widths and four heights and there are 13 chests of drawers in six widths and three heights. And when it comes to beds, well, as Michael said: “we tried counting the number of possible bed configurations but gave up just before we reached infinity.”

Another area where the range provides choice is in its pricing options. Thanks to the sheer volume of combinations and material qualities available, the range is able to adapt to fit every budget – which should come as a relief to those who enter the New Year having overspent during the festive period.

Which leads us nicely to a look at next year for Nolte, which begins with a return to Stand C40 at the January Furniture Show. “We are all really excited for visitors to come and view the concept me range, alongside all of our best selling products at the show. We invite retailers to come and see the collection first hand in order to fully appreciate the extensive range of benefits they can pass on to their customers.”