TCS, The Complete Service’s managing director, Thomas Small tells Beds magazine how, by bridging some of the gaps in the bedding industry, it has been helping retailers improve on their bottom line.

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It’s not unreasonable to say that the UK is currently in something of a state of flux, not just with Brexit to contend with, but now of course the recently announced early election, which is set to take place in June.

On the back of the announcement, all political parties are currently rushing to put together their election campaigns, arguing over television debates and basically trying to ensure they get their votes. One can’t help but wonder, therefore, how much thought they are giving the voters within the retail businesses, who will no doubt be concerned with how the uncertainty created by the political landscape will affect footfall and sales for them, as consumers keep a tighter hold on spend whilst they wait to see what happens.

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Fortunately for retailers within the bedding industry, there is a company in Dundalk based supplier, TCS, which not only thinks about its retailer customers’ bottom lines, but actively helps to improve them, with the re-development of a product range which filled the gaps within the industry, to the benefit of the retailer. 

The business has grown from strength to strength since it was established in 1998, when it initially specialised in leather upholstery, and became renown for its bespoke handmade suites, crafted with hardwood frames, the finest British designed fabrics and luxury Italian leathers. 

Just over three years ago, the company took the decision to broaden its offer by launching its own range of mattresses, and the Royal Coil collection was born. Last year saw the company redesign the Contemporary Sleep range within the collection, and managing director, Thomas Small, says the product range fills a gap that exists in the UK’s bed market. “The Contemporary Sleep range was developed over a two year period, utilising experts from within the bedding manufacturing industry as well as the TCS team,” he explained.

“We wanted to provide a mattress that filled gaps within the bedding industry, primarily incorporating modern airflow technologies with pocket spring techniques and comfort layers, that brought together all the benefits of these advances into one unique collection.”

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From its inception, the Contemporary Sleep range has been designed to provide a top quality look and feel, as well as providing consumers with a top quality night’s sleep.  And to the benefit of retailers and consumers alike, the range is aimed at the upper mid range customer, but with a mid range price point.”

Being able to offer a high quality sleep solution at mid-market prices is something of a holy grail for independent retailers, and thanks to the Contemporary Sleep range’s ability to offer four configurations for a selection of price points, this quest can now be fulfilled.   

With the bedding sector more competitive than ever before, the range also provides bedroom retailers with a product exclusive to them, in order to stand them out from some of the larger furniture multiples that have begun to stock beds and mattresses. “We wanted to help mattress retailers improve on their bottom line,” explained Thomas, “and seeing how the larger multiples where reacting to the market, we saw an opportunity to offer new products that are not available to the multiples within their already established environment.”

Not only that, but the company believes that the distinctive finishing touches – such as branded finishing tapes, an embroidered logo and co-ordinated handles, bring an even greater sense of luxury and uniqueness to the product. This in turn gives the consumer confidence that they are buying a top quality product, and the range has certainly been well received within the industry, as Thomas revealed: “We’ve had some great customer feedback on the Contemporary Sleep range within our Royal Coil collection, with sales increasing steadily all the time.” 

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There are currently some new developments in the pipeline for Royal Coil, which will be revealed in good time and of course, the collection generated a great deal of interest from its recent outing at the January Furniture Show. It was joined by Duvalay’s Hilary Devey Collection, for which TCS recently became the sole supplier for the whole of Ireland, after striking an exclusivity deal with the bed manufacturer. “Alongside our Royal Coil and Contemporary Sleep collections, we can provide retailers with options for good, better and best for pillow top, pocket sprung mattresses. We like products that are simple and easy to explain, and the Hilary Devey Collection, like our other mattress ranges, is just that: a quality product that sells itself.”

So, while the political landscape may be uncertain, and there is always the worry that consumers will curb their spending in the run up to the election, one thing that retailers can happily know for certain is that TCS will constantly strive to develop solutions that can add value not only to the TCS brand but on behalf of its customers too.