Beds magazine enjoyed a catch up with Jeremy Navrady, marketing manager at Bed Manufacturer of the Year 2016/2017, Kaymed. 


Tp profile 2000 50mm topper hi res

There’s no denying that the last few years have been successful ones for Kaymed, with the business displaying strong growth in the UK, including an increase in sales of almost 130% in 2016 alone. The bed manufacturer credited much of this growth to the success of its Therma-Phase and Mighty Bed technologies, originally introduced in September 2014, and to be sure, it last year conducted its own market research into consumer satisfaction.  The research aimed to find out why end consumers choose to buy a new bed, the way in which they do so, what the purchasing process involves and whether they are ultimately satisfied with their purchase from Kaymed and its retailer customers. And a resounding ‘yes’ was the answer, according to the results.

49% of the consumers polled said that they had visited an independent retailer, with 19% saying they viewed multiple bed retailers when making a purchase. 17% stated that they visited the Kaymed website, which indicated that a mixture of channels are increasingly common in the search for big ticket home products such as beds. The findings also indicated that the majority of people still like to physically interact in-store with the product and seek advice whilst there.  Great Job What’s more, the company’s retailer customers are clearly doing a sterling job in selling the products, as the survey revealed a weighted average of 93.3% overall satisfaction rating from respondents about their service received. “We were very pleased with this result in particular,” explained Jeremy, “as it reinforces our view that the retailers are doing a great job and that they have motivated sales professionals in store who love to sell our products.”   Of course, it is only fair that the manufacturer take some of the credit too, with satisfaction rates of 92.5% for the Therma-Phase bed, 90.0% for the V85, 93% for the Response Gel 93% and 96.5% for the Mighty Bed. Moving back to trade, and one of the biggest achievements for the business last year was achieving the Bed Manufacturer of the Year accolade at the NBF Awards. Factors that stood the company out included its significant marketing investment, improved sales figures and product innovation, which the business managed to undertake whilst also successfully defending itself against a patent infringement.   So, does this mean the company will sit back and take a much-deserved breather? Not a chance! Hot on the heels of winning its award, the company embarked on yet more marketing investment, with another successful TV advertising campaign in time for the Christmas and post-Christmas market, and it won’t stop there. The next campaign is still something of a closely guarded secret, but Jeremy promised that we would be able to share very soon.   

Mighty bed peaks

What he was able to share with me was details of the latest investment in the company’s products, ready for the summer months. The Therma-Phase™ range with temperature regulation technology has now been extended with the addition of the Therma-Phase Profile 2000 and Profile 3000. The Profile 2000 has a 125mm deep layer of Therma-Phase with 1000 nested pocket springs in the mattress and 1000 in the base, whilst the Profile 3000 has a generous 160mm deep layer of Therma-Phase with 2000 nested pocket springs in the mattress and 1000 in the base.

“We are certain that Mighty Bed will be an essential asset to any bed retailers’ range”

Therma-Phase works by combining a high density visco-elastic with an infusion of unique phase-change gel crystals. The gel works constantly to absorb, store and release body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface temperature of 30-32°C. This is achieved via a chain reaction at molecular level rather than by treating materials with sprays or treatments - ensuring the material works infinitely.

The result is a material that can provide the body with the optimum level of comfort, support and pressure relief to aid a restful night’s sleep. As with the rest of the range, these new Therma-Phase™ models are available in seven colours with matching headboards and include a choice of bases on legs or as a traditional divan, both available with a 10-year guarantee when purchased as a set.

The popular Mighty Bed range too has seen expansion, and now includes a new model, the Mighty Bed Peaks, which has an even higher specification for the discerning consumer. The mattress has the equivalent of 2,500 pocket springs on a 5ft model in the deep 33cm mattress. It is designed to offer a firmer feel and the correct level of support for consumers of all shapes and sizes, and has the combination high levels of quality fillings supplying comfort and a nested pocket spring system design that will cope with heavy use. The easy to manage deep buttoned topper is additionally supplied as standard, so bed maintenance is designed to be simple.

Also available in seven colours, Mighty Bed Peaks are supplied with a highly durable heavy-duty base - one that the company believes to be the most durable available in the UK. “We are certain that Mighty Bed will be an essential asset to any bed retailers’ range,” said Jeremy.

So, what can we expect next from the company? “We are busy expanding our capacity to further help our retail customers continue the fantastic job they are doing,” Jeremy concluded. And as for the next phase of marketing, we’ll keep you posted as it happens, alongside Kaymed’s plans for this year’s NBF Bed Show. Whilst it’s too early to say whether they can top last year’s achievement, you certainly couldn’t put it past them.