Name: Stuart Page, Job Title: Sales Director, Company: Dreamworks Beds


Stuart page, main image


What time is your alarm set for? 

Any time depending on the requirements of the day.


Do you have a typical day at work? 

Every day is so varied, from working in the office or out and about visiting customers. No two days are ever the same.


What made you choose to join the bed industry?

I started in retail, and found that I enjoyed selling beds. My career has progressed from there. 


And what made you stay in the industry?

I felt I could make a difference to my customers, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges wherever I have worked. But most of all, it’s because still get a buzz from writing an order.


What is your biggest achievement? 

My biggest achievement is my career development from Van Delivery boy to Sales Director.


And biggest regret?

I honestly do not have any regrets as I have enjoyed my career progression. I have honestly met some lovely people along the way, many of whom have remained good friends to this day.


What do you think is the greatest challenge faced by the sector?

There are two challenges as I see it. Foreign imports is one challenge and having the ability to make a handmade British product is very important.  Ethical trading is challenge two. Producing a good clean, honest product is very essential. With the support of the National Bed Federation and its members we are achieving this. 


And how do you think this could be combated?

As mentioned previously the NBF and its members are making people aware of the buying a product from a reputable supplier or retailer. This gives confidence to the end user. 


What keeps you awake at night?

My wife snoring (But don’t tell her I said that!)



And what’s your top tip for a good night’s sleep?

This is really down to individual taste in choosing the right bed, but I have always advised trying and buying the biggest bed that the room size will allow. It’s amazing what the difference 5’0 bed can make over a 4’6.