Clockwork Components explain why the company’s latest partnerships with Omega Motion, Kaidi Electrical and ADX Audio are such a winning combination

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Back in May Cabinet Maker heard from Clockwork about a busy few months ahead with an array of projects in the pipeline aimed at strengthening their product offering and the resources to support this expansion. As we head into the busy autumn period we had a further opportunity to get an update from them on the latest developments.

The most significant development in the company’s product range remains its recently agreed partnership with Omega Motion, giving Clockwork access to a wide range of sector leading recliner products. The early phase of this product launch has been very successful with placement of Omega mechanisms in at least two leading UK manufacturers. We posed some questions to Paul Jones, technical sales director at Clockwork to learn more:

What does this new partnership mean for the development of Clockwork’s motion department?

“Omega has a longstanding pedigree in the world of recliner mechanisms, the company’s design department has been responsible for creating some of the most widely sold mechanisms across the globe. Omega’s design team are acutely aware of the issues faced by the furniture manufacturers and strive continually to produce products that not only work well but make the job of frame design and installation simpler for the users. Having access to its extensive range gives us a huge advantage in being able to offer both the latest models to be developed by them and also those from their extensive back catalogue.”

What types of recliner will be included in Clockwork’s range from Omega?

“The backbone of the range will be manual and motorized versions of the latest 350ez series, three position zero wall recliner. This will be complemented by single and twin motor lift mechanisms to complete the principle range. These all benefit from being able to fit in the same frame, reducing excess development time. Then we will be adding some of the more innovative models that offer even greater flexibility for designers when creating contemporary designs.”

What do you mean by zero wall!?

“This refers to a recliner mechanism that allows for a chair to be placed in close proximity to a wall behind it, the recliner mechanism moves the chair back and seat forward as it reclines rather than moving directly backwards that would come into contact with the wall.”

What does the Omega brand offer customers compared with those unbranded mechanisms available on the market?

“In addition to strength of design, Omega delivers reliability with mechanisms that are genuinely tested to over 25,000 cycles with a load of 25 stone in the case of the 350ez. The products are environmentally considerate, utilising a high proportion of recycled material for both product and packaging, as well as water based coatings. They are all manufactured at their state of the art production facility in Tupelo, USA. In addition to Clockwork’s own stockholding and technical support, being a part of Omega’s global network of distributors gives us a huge advantage in being able to access further stock and technical expertise.”


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In addition to strength of design, Omega delivers reliability with mechanisms.”

In a supporting role to the recliners are the electric motors from Kaidi Electrical that Clockwork now has exclusive distribution for in the UK. In addition to electric motors for recliners, Clockwork will also be introducing Kaidi products for use in the adjustable bedding sector and those aimed at the height adjustable desking. For sit-stand desk projects, manufacturers will be able to simply choose a leg and foot style, add these to the chosen adjustable legs and with these parts very simply create the finished product. There will also be a range of accessories featuring the latest in controller options, such as control buttons with integrated USB charging and battery packs that allow prolonged use when mains power is not an option.

The other key new product launch for Clockwork is that of a new sound bar for integration into both cabinet and upholstered furniture products. This new audio product has been developed in California by audio experts ADX. ADX brings together the creative expertise of audio producer Rikki Farr (produced audio for over 4,700 live concerts for artists including Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and Rod Stewart) and the technical knowledge of Donald North (holder of multiple speaker innovation patents having worked with the likes of Ford, Beats and Pioneer).

Offering Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging as standard, the superior sound quality is a result of ADX’s advanced Trillium™ audio technology. This technology allows the unit to deliver truly immersive sound from a very compact unit, as ADX President Donald North explains: “We start by developing our own transducers in house for the widest frequency range and sound level output capability. We pair these speakers with a powerful three-channel amplifier to pass through all of the nuances and dynamics from the music or movie soundtrack. With our ADX speaker and amplifier platform we then apply our proprietary Trillium™ sound processing technology. This upmixes the two-channel stereo into three channels which creates an expansive and immersive soundfield for the listener.”

Clockwork will be adding details of the products from all these major new suppliers to dedicated sections of its website. This is now becoming the company’s primary channel for informing customers of the latest product developments and innovations in its ever evolving range. n