The British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) has announced that it has developed two new courses to help furniture companies identify suitable job opportunities for the less able.

In partnership with the Working Tri-21 project, as well as other Spanish and Italian parties, the BFM revealed at a knowledge-sharing event earlier this month that a traffic light system had been developed to analyse the skills, capacity and knowledge needed in various job positions within the sector and how to help employers identify suitable job roles.

As a result of this, two industry courses - ‘pillow-caser’ and ‘storekeeper’ - which consist of 100 hours theoretical work and two months practical work have been developed to support both employers and employees participation in the scheme.

Jackie Bazeley, managing director of BFM, said: “The Tri-21 project was vital in understanding how the furniture industry can embrace and train less able individuals to work within the sector and prevent them ‘dropping out’ of working life.

“Although the study doesn’t conclude until the end of August it has been hugely worthwhile. We are hoping to make the courses available across the furnishing sector as soon as possible.”

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