Mattress ticking manufacturer Boyteks has revealed that a number of initiatives the company has made is paying dividends as the business continues to grow.

Over the last few years Boyteks has invested significantly in design and has also expanded the number of its teams, which consist of pattern design, R&D, quality management and logistics, to push further growth and protect authenticity.

Furthermore, Boyteks has developed a mobile app that allows users to design their own beds and allows the opportunity to see all aspects of the bed before the manufacturing process.

Dr. Gokmen Kara, marketing manager of BOYTEKS Mattress Ticking, said: “This application provides serious benefits and advantages to our customers in terms of accelerating the work processes and avoiding problems that can occur in the post-manufacturing process.

“The approach and interpretation of the countries towards patterns and designs are very different. We are also successfully able to manage these discrepancies and differences emerged within the target audience and geography.”

Established as a world leader in mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet manufacturing, last year Boyteks exported to more than 100 countries.