A new independent upholstery business has launched in Bognor Regis, with the owner currently a student.

Brook Olsen, a 21-year-old city and guilds qualified upholsterer, founded Olsen’s Upholstery, which officially opened its doors on 10 June 2016 in its new, and first, shop on Durban Road.

Brook, who is currently studying at Chichester College, is following her father’s footsteps, who has always owned his own businesses, and decided that the time was right to open up on her own.

Commenting to the Bognor Regis Observer, Brook said: “I have wanted to do this all the while I have been learning about it. There has to be a point where you get on with it.

“I love it and I think that is what you have to do - find something that will work for you, then you are set up for life.”

As well as launching a new physical presence, Olsen’s Upholstery has also taken to social media, creating its first e-platform through Facebook at www.facebook.com/OlsensUpholstery.