Interiors and flooring contractor Lang & Potter Holdings has reported a ‘mixed’ year in its latest filed accounts for the year ended 31 December 2015.

Lang & Potter Holdings, which consists of three sub-businesses including Lang and Potter Marine, Lang and Potter C/T and Lang and Potter Flooring, posted an overall downturn in sales by 6.8% to £14.9m from £16m in 2014.

Gross profit also decreased by 7.6% to £2.4m from £2.6m, whilst operating profit shrunk 8.7% to £313,000. Overall profit for the year was down 6.3% to £223,374.

The Plymouth-based group said that a fall in the luxury boat market impacted performance, although an increase in soft furnishings sales partially offset the decline.

Looking ahead, Lang & Potter indicated that further developments in its soft furnishing offering in 2016, forecasting a degree of recovery this year.