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Design & IP lobbyists Anti Copying in Design (ACID) has launched talks to create new unregistered design rights following the UK Brexit vote.

The campaign aims to ensure that UK designers are not disadvantaged by any erosion or loss of access to EU design rights (registered and unregistered) post-Brexit.

ACID has began discussions with the IP Minister and the UK Intellectual Property Office and will continue to engage with Government to create a new UK unregistered design law which mirrors EU unregistered rights but lasts for 10/15 years, significantly higher than the current three year term.

Dids Macdonald, OBE., ACID’s CEO said: “The majority of the UK’s 350,000 designers rely on unregistered EU and UK design rights and being unable to rely on EU unregistered design rights would seriously affect them. Currently, both EU registered (with one application) and unregistered rights (which arise automatically) offer UK designers design protection in 28 member states for 25 and 3 years respectively.

“EU unregistered design is a much stronger design right and loss of access, potentially, could influence UK designers to launch new designs in alternative European locations to secure stronger design protection.”