Swedish furniture giant IKEA has issued a further product recall on its Malm dressers in the US and Canada after the death of a fourth child has been provided by the CPSC.

According to latest findings, published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on 4 November 2016, a fourth child died in association with the Malm dresser back in 2011.

The latest development adds to a third child that tragically died earlier this year due to the Malm six-drawer dresser falling on top of him. Two other cases indicate that two children had died in July last year from the same cause.

Ikea malm dresser

IKEA Malm dresser

IKEA US and Canada originally recalled around 27 million Malm products back in June this year, but that figure has now grown to 29 million across the six products within the range.

The CPSC report stated: “Most recently, CPSC has identified and provided to IKEA a fourth report of a fatality that reportedly occurred in September 2011. A 2-year-old boy from Woodbridge, Va. died after an unanchored Malm 3-drawer chest tipped over, and trapped the child between the dresser drawers.”

Responding to an enquiry in June, IKEA UK said that it would ‘not’ be recalling any chest of drawers in the UK & Ireland.

An IKEA spokesperson said, “We offer our sincere condolences to the family in Woodbridge, VA affected by this tragedy. The information we have received indicates that the chest of drawers was not attached to the wall.

“Accidents related to furniture tipping over are a serious home safety issue for the entire home furnishing industry and IKEA is committed to taking the lead in addressing this challenge. To us, the safety of our products is our highest priority.

“This additional incident further underscores the need to properly secure chests of drawers to the wall with the included restraints per the assembly instructions.”