Rom sofa app

Upholstered design specialist Rom Sofas has announced the launch of its latest technology, the Aladin sofa control app.

Designed to provide individual comfort, the new app allows a user to define up to five seating positions and save the setting through a home network.

Once the smart technology is determined, the app works with the sofa to program the positions into the sofa system, which are controlled via the app device or hidden side buttons built within the product.

The new app system is currently available in Rom Sofas premium2 sofas and cocoon chairs, with the app downloadable on Apple and Android devices.

Rom Sofas, which was founded in 1961 in Eupen, Belgium and trades through select retailers across the UK, stated: “Using the latest technology, ROM’s Aladin sofa control app allows users to set their own favourite seating positions at the touch of a button.

“Delivering the next level in personal comfort, the intelligent app can save up to five different positions per seat, programming them directly into the sofa system.”