As Mammoth, celebrates its best Bed Show to date, founder John Tuton talks about the importance of design and how it has positively impacted his award winning business.

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John Tuton, Mammoth Founder

Q. How much do you think the design of a bed matters?

A. Central to our success is that we consider ourselves to be first and foremost a specialist design and technology brand - focussed on the ‘science of comfort’. For us, design is essential, pervasive, and goes far beyond the aesthetics - we consider consumer needs, technical function and practical requirements.


Q. As a manufacturer, is the design of a bed secondary to its comfort levels?

A. We originally saw an opportunity to apply better design in the creation of mattresses. Comfort is never compromised - our goal is to achieve a balance between scientifically considered comfort, aesthetic design and value.

We are always well connected to science and innovation and continue to invest and engage in award winning research and technology developments. We were the first in the industry to work with qualified academics and a professor of sleep science.


Q. Who in the business decides how a bed will look?

A. Mammoth is a community of researchers, engineers, marketeers and designers. We always look to our experts on key aspects of product developments.  

It doesn’t make sense for one person, however talented, to make the final decisions.  We all contribute - it’s part of our brand ethos. The final design is always a collective decision with the Mammoth team and key stakeholders and, then, validated with customers.


Q. Tell us about your current most design-led bed shown at the Bed Show.

A. The new Performance Pocket 3000 includes a new mattress, bed base and headboard. From dovetail joints on the drawers, beautiful fabrics, and contemporary wood and metal finishes, this product reflects our balanced approach to design and functionality.

To bring a sense of opulence, the depth of the headboard has been doubled and we have carefully selected the Azzurro fabric to reflect light and highlight the rich texture of the materials used in the design.

Internally the bed system delivers great functionality, combining three of Mammoth’s key technologies to create our most comfortable bed to date and it was voted by many of our retailers as ‘bed of the show’ at the NBF Bed Show in September.