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The Taiwan Furniture Industry Association (referred to as the Furniture Association or TFMA) was established in the Republic of China in the year of the Republic of China, and was changed from the Taiwan Wood Industry Association to the Taiwan Furniture Industry Association in the Republic of China in 1974. Under the ardent sponsorship of the supervisors and member manufacturers, the guild finally has its own club to facilitate the service of member manufacturers.

Taiwan’s furniture industry has been constantly overcoming difficulties. It has been 42 years since its inception, and now has 278 members, including wooden, steel, office, sofa, mattress, leisure, school, lighting, hardware, sheet, Glass, traders, exhibitions, etc., with the majority of member companies moving to China and Vietnam, the Association established branch liaison offices in Dongguan, China and Pingyang, Vietnam to assist Taiwanese business members in order to improve service quality and retain member companies. Learn more about local regulations and customs tariffs in China and Vietnam and hold various symposiums.

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