Cabinet Maker speaks to Silentnight’s Marketing Director, Nick Booth, about their newest bed brand, Studio by Silentnight


Studio mattress cameo6

What does the ‘Silentnight’ brand say to you? Quality and trustworthiness surely come to mind – you can’t go wrong with a Silentnight mattress, can you? But is being a heritage brand an excuse to play it safe?

Anyone who visited Silentnight at the recent Telford bed show, and saw first-hand the approach they are taking with their new Studio brand, would say the answer was a resounding ‘no’.

Studio is an enthusiastic push from Silentnight into the style driven market; with stylish beds, simple purchasing options, and a lifestyle marketing campaign that fully leverages digital channels. The product shots alone show what a departure this is for Silentnight; think Instagram-style snaps of happy couples in their cosy Studio cocoons, an approach perfectly tailored for the digital-first consumer base.

In fact, now Studio is here, its arrival feels long overdue. No other established mattress brand is being quite so bold in its targeting of Millennials.

“We are really lucky having a brand that is so well-established and trusted by customers,” says Nick Booth, Marketing Director at Silentnight. “That gives us license to go a bit more contemporary with Studio, in appealing to a more style-conscious demographic.

Studio telford stand

Studio Telford Stand

“The look and feel to Studio is much more lifestyle-focused. But, of course, customers know they are still buying into the established Silentnight brand, which means guaranteed quality, and 70 years of experience.”

The strapline for Studio is ‘Style and Simplicity’, which applies to the look and feel of the actual mattresses and bedframes, as well as to the stripped back marketing. The mattress is available in three different comfort options (softer, medium and firmer), while the bed frames come in three styles and four fabrics.

Silentnight is recommending that retailers show all three of the mattresses on the shop floor, so they can easily demonstrate the ‘comfort story’ to customers. New point-of-sale material will be available to retail partners, and the Studio website makes it very easy for retailers to explain the options, and help customers make their Studio choices.  

“We’ve tried to stay away from being too technical with Studio,” explains Nick. “Instead we’ve gone for a really benefits-led approach, showing how the brand easily fits into our customers’ lives.”

That approach seems to have resonated with the retailers who have seen Studio so far.

Studio boxes

Studio boxes

“We had a really good reaction at Telford,” explains Nick. “Visitors to the stand said they wouldn’t have expected this kind of lifestyle approach from Silentnight, and that they could really see it working within their own stores. The look of Studio feels modern and relevant, and I think retailers like the fact that the brand is easy for customers to engage with.”

Silentnight has already soft-launched Studio with a handful of retailers, and is now looking to expand coverage across the country. At the same time, the company is scaling up its consumer-facing marketing awareness campaign across a number of social media channels.

“We are growing our outreach on social media, which will be a very important tool for our marketing of Studio,” says Nick. “We have plans to make our Studio social media channels very interactive, and get to the point where our customers actively want to engage with us, and share their experience of Studio.”

Silentnight has always led the market, and Studio is no exception. By adapting its approach - and selling into the homes of a younger, more style-conscious consumer - Silentnight can be fairly assured it will be the bed brand of choice for these customers for many years to come.

2016 sees the launch of Studio, a new brand from Silentnight targeted at a more “style-conscious” audience.

Introducing Studio

With Studio, Silentnight has combined style and simplicity to create a new collection of bedframes and mattresses that offer a more contemporary experience, but with the reassurance of the Silentnight brand.

Each Studio mattress is made in the UK and available in three options. Combining gel, state-of-the-art memory foam, and varying densities of Studio Flex foam, the Studio mattress comes in softer, medium and firmer comfort levels. Each mattress is wrapped in a soft touch, Allergy UK-approved cover for a “fresh bed feeling” every night.

Silentnight has made it easy for customers to design their Studio bedframe with an interactive selection process that lets the customer choose the style, colour, storage and size options.

The bedframes are available on a two week delivery. The mattresses when purchased separately are available with next day delivery, which are cleverly rolled and boxed for convenience.