Belgium-based international polyurethane foam manufacturer Recticel SA has reported that both its Flexible Foams and Bedding segments delivered an increase in sales.

According to its latest first-half year 2016 results, Recticel said that its Flexible Foams sector had ‘further increased’ its volumes and ‘improved’ its product/market mix, whilst its Bedding sector saw a ‘strong’ growth in boxsprings sales.

Recticel, which is a major foam supplier to the UK, posted a sales rise of 1.4% to €310.3m within its Flexible Foams business, as well as reporting a 3.2% increase in sales to €148.1m in its Bedding segment.

Within its Flexible Foams business, the group said that both sub-segments reported ‘similar growth rates’ in sales with Comfort Foams up by 1.4% - largely due to ‘solid volume growth in Western Europe’ - and Technical Foams up by 1.5%.

Stated within the Bedding sector, the company said that sales of the sub-segment Branded Products and Non-Branded Products/Private Label both increased by 3.2% and 2.4% respectively. Recticel added that its core markets in Benelux and Germany registered positive sales, although volumes in Switzerland and Austria declined.

Overall, the group highlighted a 3% sales growth to €534.5m from €519.1m over the same period last year, with both gross profit and EBITDA up by 8.8% to €108.8m and 29.2% to €41m respectively.