Family furniture retailer Oak Furniture Solutions has been told to remove an advert on its website after two products displayed misleading information.

Oak Furniture Solutions ran an advert on its website claiming that a chest of drawers and a wardrobe from its ‘Camden’ range were ‘Camden Painted Pine & Ash’, with smaller text stating ‘Wood Type Ash Pine’ and ‘Solid pine and ash frame’.

However, a complainant challenged the claims to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on whether the product description was misleading due to the understanding that the products were made up largely of MDF.

Responding to the complaint, Oak Furniture Solutions said that ‘the items were not made up entirely of MDF and that the composition varied between the items’. After providing a breakdown of the items, Oak Furniture said that the main frames ‘were made of pine with a solid ash top’, with ‘the door panels, and the back and drawer bases were made of MDF’.

Although acknowledging that product instructions stated that the Camden furniture range was made of ‘solid pine and MDF panels, with ash tops’, the ASA said that this was not included on the website and would not have been clear to consumers.

The ASA added that the ‘presence of significant amounts of MDF in the products contradicted the impression created by the product names’ and concluded that the product names were misleading.

A statement within the ASA report ruled: “The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told Oak Furniture Solutions Ltd to ensure that their product names and descriptions were accurate and that, if they referred to materials, that they clearly stated all the significant materials used.”