Swedish furniture giant IKEA has issued a product recall on its Patrull safety gate products as incidents of children falling down stairs have been reported.

IKEA said that a number of customers have expressed their concerns over the gates as they have ‘opened unexpectedly’ and children have fallen down stairs, with some incidents requiring medical attention.

Furthermore, IKEA revealed that after a third party investigation the locking mechanism is not reliable, posing a risk for small children, despite approved tests to applicable standards.

Maria Thörn, acting business area manager at Children’s IKEA, said: “At IKEA, we have a zero tolerance regarding child safety. We want to offer safe products and we believe that children are the most important people in the world. Whenever we are made aware of a possible safety issue with our products, we investigate thoroughly.

“We cannot accept that there could be a risk of injury while playing and as an immediate and precautionary action we have decided to recall all PATRULL safety gates. IKEA apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.”

IKEA has already had to recall two other furnishing products this year, after its Gothem lighting lamps were recalled due to electric shock risks back in March, while in February, the Lock and Hyby ceiling lamps were recalled due to a risk of the glass shade falling.