An independent furniture retailer, Mr Scarescrow’s Attic, has revealed it has launched a ‘closing down sale’ as it contemplates downsizing or shutting up shop for good.

Plymouth-based Mr Scarecrow’s Attic, which marks its 18 year anniversary this month, said that due to ‘problematic’ parking conditions and increasing competition around its Manor Street location, was the driving force behind the downsizing plans from two floors to one.

Owned by Nadeem and Rowan Malik, the shop has been at its current 7,000sq ft site for the past three years since its move from its former premises at Hyde Park, where it was originally founded in 1998.

Mr Scarecrow’s Attic, which specialises in both modern and vintage furniture, has appealed to Plymouth City Council to see if they can help improve its parking situation, with the council indicating that it will ‘investigate’ the matter.

According to local press, The Herald, Cllr Ian Tuffin said: “The council is very much on the side of businesses, particularly independent businesses, and we want to encourage them any way we can. It's causing problems and our parking department needs to investigate this matter to see what is feasible.”

Owners of the company posted on its official Facebook page: “Closing Down Sale. We at Mr Scarecrow's are seriously downsizing. The parking restrictions and the surrounding garages are busier than ever. Parking can be problematic.

“So the conclusion we've come to is that we are going to downsize, trim our sales and figure out where we go from here but we will keep you informed.”