Sleep experts at independent bed retailer Land of Beds have produced top tips to help maintain sleep through the sizzling summer nights.

Cheshire-based Land of Beds has launched its guide ‘How to stay in cool in bed when the heat is on’, which looks into areas from changing your duvet to what mattress type can affect sleep during warmer weather.

Commenting on what benefits different mattresses can offer, the Land of Beds sleep expert team said: “Luxurious mattress fillings such as cooling cashmere, sumptuous silk, crisp cotton, absorbent tencel fibres and even soft wool are naturally breathable – drawing away moisture during the summer.

“While, the more springs your mattress has, the more support it will offer you. Because the springs work independently, you stay put even if your partner moves. Flipping your mattress over encourages an even settling of the high-quality fibres while giving you a fresh sleep surface to luxuriate on.

“Summer can be brutal if you have allergies. Latex fillings are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, as well as breathable – removing excessive moisture to keep you cool, comfortable and refreshed.”

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