Online furniture retail brand Loaf has announced it plans to open its second showroom in London next month.

The new 5,500sq ft ‘Loaf Shack’ will open on 15 July 2016 in Notting Hill on Lancaster Road and will run alongside the Battersea Loaf Shack, which opened on 8 October last year, and, with more potential openings ‘coming soon’.

The Art Deco building features the British brand’s handmade collection of beds, sofas, furniture and accessories, all spread across eight rooms – including a mattress testing area.

Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf, comments: “I grew up just around the corner from our new Shack and I used to spend my summer holidays earning a bit of pocket money painting my Dad’s office which was slap-bang opposite. It’s my favourite building in the area and I’ve had my eye on the space for a very long time.

“We’ve created a special somewhere for people to come and put their feet up and be happy. I always hoped that one day I’d earn my living through chilling!”