Independent retailer Choices Furniture has revealed the success of the Blackpool Shop Local Scheme.

Based on Church Street in Blackpool, Choices is part of the scheme, which has around 150 small to medium sized businesses signed up, and has said the project has started to ‘see some success’.

The Shop Local Scheme for Wyre, Blackpool and Fylde was launched in October 2014 and aims to boost the local economy by offering rewards and incentives to cardholders, therefore generating new custom for local businesses.

Currently there are around 3,500 Shop Local Scheme WBF cardholders, with the number growing. The scheme is a not for profit organisation, where ‘local businesses and the community are working together for a brighter future’.

Paul Buney, who runs Choices, said: “We encourage our customers to become members and other shops do the same, so what we have got then is a band of followers and we offer those people incentives to stick with us local trades and we are seeing some success.

“It creates a destination so why you are there why not support other local businesses. I think its all about local businesses helping each other and getting together to make these destinations and make it a good place for people to go, there has to be a benefit.”

For more information on the scheme visit: Shop Local.