Protect-A-Bed is the master of the upsell. Retailers seeking value added sales should pay close attention.

The manufacturer is known for the encouraging approach it takes with its retailers, offering tailored product training and incentivized sales strategies, to help partners realize the full potential of Protect-A-Bed in their own stores. In some shops this approach has led to ‘attachment rates’ - where a customer purchases a protector alongside their mattress - of over 55%.

With all this success in adjacent bedding sales, it makes sense that Protect-A-Bed is now expanding into pillows for the first time: “We want to continue helping retailers maximize sales in the bedroom department,” explains Paul Lake, Protect-A-Bed’s Marketing Manager. “So our aim was to find new and exciting products that would mirror our brand values, in terms of quality and functionality.”

Zefiro Pillow Range

This year’s Manchester Furniture Show and Irish Furniture and Homewares Show saw the launch of these new and exciting products: Protect-A-Bed’s first ever pillow range, Zefiro

Handcrafted in Italy, the Zefiro Pillow range uses a unique spring system to provide three levels of adaptive support, soft, medium and firm, allowing the user to select the right support for a perfects night sleep. The response to the range has so far been very positive, explains Paul.

“Pillow preference is highly subjective to the user, and we’ve had visitors at our stand debating amongst themselves which support level is the best,” says Paul. “With Zefiro it’s not about asking whether you’d like a pillow, rather which is the right pillow for you.

“The range definitely captured people’s imagination and led to us opening several new accounts, particularly in Ireland.”

There are two pillows in the Zefiro range, available in microfibre or memory foam; and in three different tensions - soft, medium and firm. Both pillows have been designed with Protect-A-Bed’s patented interactive pocketed coil system – 60 pocketed coils that offer optimal head support and ideal spine alignment, adapting to the sleeper’s body position as they move throughout the night.

Zefiro sprung pillow collection

Zefiro sprung pillow collection

“The pocketed coil module also provides an air reservoir that is activated every time you move,” explains Paul. “This causes a pressure change, so that heat and moisture are expelled and fresh, cool air is drawn in, creating a controlled micro-climate.”

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The Zefiro pillows have been designed with Protect-A-Bed’s patented interactive pocketed coil system

Looking ahead

Protect-A-Bed has some big plans in the pipeline. They are highly innovative and involve some pretty advanced sleep technology, but Paul is saying nothing more until later in the autumn.

“We’re really excited about what’s coming up for Protect-A-Bed, “he says. “We’re bringing our innovation and experience to more product lines, and continuing to work closely with our retail partners to ensure they share in our success.

“We think they’ll be very impressed by the new releases, which we plan to launch towards the end of this year.”

Pillow Talk - The Zefiro Range

  • Zefiro is a new pillow range from Protect-A-Bed
  • There are two pillows in the range, available in microfibre and memory foam.
  • The memory foam pillow comes with a viscose cover and has 2000 holes castellated into the foam to create a holistic ventilation system. The microfiber pillow comes in a soft 100% cotton jersey cover.
  • Each pillow comes in three different tensions: soft, medium and firm.
  • Both are designed with Protect-A-Bed’s patented pocket coils to provide interactive and adaptive support.
  • The pocketed coil module creates an air reservoir that is activated every time the sleeper moves. This causes a pressure change - heat and moisture are expelled, and fresh cool air is drawn in creating a controlled microclimate.
  • The spring system is highly resilient and will maintain shape and comfort for far longer than a conventional pillow.
  • Zefiro, which means ‘Spring Breeze’ in Italian, comes with a five-year product guarantee.