Road ban

Dewsbury-based bed firm Divine Sleep Ltd has been issued with a 14 day transport suspension after ‘jeopardising’ road safety.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner confirmed that Divine Sleep operated a vehicle without a valid MOT for four months and ruled that the company is not allowed to run vehicles between 5 and 19 September 2016.

The Traffic Commissioner indicated that during a public inquiry in Leeds last month, the Deputy Commissioner heard that a driver working for the firm was stopped in January 2016 by a Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) examiner. The officer found that the vehicle did not have a valid MOT since its expiry on 31 October 2015.

Divine Sleep company director, Sammer Mohammed Tariq, who admitted to not checking the vehicle details, was interviewed over the incident and stated that the vehicle was ‘newly purchased’ and ‘had not come with an MOT certificate’ although claiming the vehicle did have one.

Following an investigation from the DVSA, further issues arose, which included a tachograph check – highlighting ‘a large amount of missing mileage’ as well as identifying that a number of systems were not in place to analyse records or monitor data.

As a result from the findings, Divine Sleep has adhered to changes, as well as arranging training relating to the issues raised.

After considering the operator’s evidence the Deputy Commissioner said: “Mr Tariq has provided firm assurances that there will be a positive approach to compliance in the future.

“A transport consultant has been engaged to assist with systems, management and the licence, and an undertaking has been offered to keep a suitable consultant employed.”

Divine Sleep are yet to comment further after an enquiry from Cabinet Maker.