image taken from g plan book

Image taken from the book

‘The G Plan Revolution’ book is a historical account of the development of vintage furniture design in the fifties and particularly the sixties.

However, the emphasis is on an interesting and entertaining read for the popular market, rather than an academic textbook.

The book was written by Basil Hyman, the former owner of a cabinet business in the 50’s that created Limelight and launched G Plan, as well as and other brands of the mid century.

‘The G Plan Revolution’ has gained traction over the years through its large social media following and has been sold across the world from Australia, Japan, Germany, USA and of course the UK.

Commenting on the book, Basil said: “The publication is also a good guide for the collector or anyone with an interest in vintage retro furniture. The “G Plan Revolution” is a colourful, hardback, packed with period advertisements from companies such as E Gomme Ltd and ercol Furniture Ltd.

“It has instant appeal to anyone who remembers G Plan in its heyday, or those who have an interest in collecting furniture from the sixties or a general nostalgia for the era. It’s a must have for people that love mid century design as it covers brands like ercol, G Plan, Schrieber, Nathan and Limelight, but also many other furniture manufacturers of this period.

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