Freemen furniture makers

Industry charity organisation, The Furniture Makers’ Company, has announced the induction of four new freemen.

Shakeel Baig, corporate director at Bodyease, Robert Cooksey, senior lecturer at Wolverhampton University in the School of Art, Karen Fairhurst, head of human resources and executive assistant at Panaz, and William Knight, show director for exhibitions 100% Design and Clerkenwell Design Week, were all admitted to the Company by Master Ben Burbidge during a ceremony on 5 September at Furniture Makers’ Hall in London.

A chocolate tasting event, hosted by luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, was held following the freeman ceremony, where guests were taught how to distinguish the difference in flavours of chocolate.

Ben Burbidge, Master of The Furniture Makers’ Company, said: “On behalf of everyone at The Furniture Makers’ Company, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our four new freemen, all who work in different areas of our great industry.

“The Furniture Makers’ Company is always keen to admit new members, men and women, as freemen of the Company. All members, individual or corporate, are invited to participate in the many events in the City livery calendar, which are great for networking, entertaining, as well as having fun.”