Peter bellis agent

Long-serving furniture manufacturers agent Peter Bellis has confirmed his retirement after more than 50 years in the trade.

Peter, almost 74, decided that the time was right to retire after the AIS Show on 31 August 2016, bringing the curtain down on an illustrious career that began back in 1965.

Representing a whole host of companies through the years, Peter started out as a rep for Harman Hunt before moving on to Walker & Homer in 1969, to then to Beauvale in the mid 70s.

Peter worked as a manufacturers agent for numerous agencies including John E Coyle, Steed, Joynson & Holland Igoe and TCS, as well as passing on his industry knowledge to a variety of newer agencies starting out in the furniture trade.

In a tribute by Peter’s daughter Pippa, she highlighted that Peter will ‘miss all of his customers and colleagues but won’t miss all of the complaints!’

In his retirement, Peter said he is looking forward to ‘riding his E-bike in the country, weather and wife permitting’, as well as wishing all of his ex-customers and colleagues ‘every success in the future’.