Following the publication of the Cabinet Maker Mattress Report 2016, Siddique Amin, managing director, La Romantica Beds Ltd – manufacturer of one of the 42 mattresses tested has issued a response to Cabinet Maker. The mattress from La Romantica Beds passed all of the tests carried out on the day.

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Siddique stated: “We as a company are always striving to improve our processes and our due diligence. We welcome the findings of the report and hope that they will help to improve the industry as a whole in the long run.

 “La Romantica Beds source their raw materials from credible suppliers and we also make sure we do our own testing to make sure that our products don’t put the general public at any risk. As the findings of the report shows, being a member of the NBF does not necessarily mean that the products of the members meet the regulation standards. I know the NBF are striving to regulate the industry, however it is now clear that more needs to be done.

 “I also believe that there needs to be a lot more emphasis placed on the retailers. When they take a mattress and put it on the shop floor, they should have a certificate with it to assure the consumer that it is compliant and safe.”



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