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Northern Ireland-based office furniture manufacturing firm Alpha Group has announced the launch of its Scottish division following a recent acquisition earlier this year.

Alpha Group acquired Glaswegian-based manufacturer Steelcase back in April 2016, with the terms of the acquisition remaining undisclosed, and renamed the company Alpha Scotland to fit within the current Alpha Group.

Since the merger, Alpha Scotland has now officially launched from its site on West Regent Street as the company aims to improve the ‘well-being of staff’ and ‘corporate productivity’.

Commenting on the launch, Alpha Scotland director Nick Lyons said: “One of the huge challenges we face today is getting the job done in a world where constant distractions and interruptions have become the norm. By designing offices in a way to aid concentration and comfort as well as social interaction, results are going to follow.”

Alpha Group is based in Belfast and has been established for over 45 years, with other offices located in the Republic of Ireland and England.