From Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 of April 2019: these are the dates of the 27th edition of Proposte. At Villa Erba the exhibitors will welcome visitors and clients from all over the world. There will be 85 participating firms, 33 of which are Italian and 52 from abroad. This fact, even more so now than in past years, is an indicator of the Fair’s increasing acclaim at international level. As in past years, the exhibitor selection criteria are demanding and apply only to high profile collection producers. The indispensable paradigm for showing at Villa Erba is based on professional ethics, commitment to research and to experimentation in terms of aesthetics and of technology, and compliance with international regulations regarding deontology and sustainability.

Proposte is a global preview of textile quality, and its search for excellence among important textile manufacturers worldwide proceeds in 2019 with nine new admissions, namely two Turkish businesses: AKARCA TEKSTIL KONF. SAN VE TIC. A.S. (present at Cernobbio in 2018 at the International Observatory) and EVIMTEKS TEKS.INS.TUR.SAN. VE TIC.A.S.; three British businesses: DAVID WALTERS FABRICS, MALLALIEUS OF DELPH and STEAD MC ALPIN AND CO. LTD; one Spanish business: NATURTEX SL; two German businesses: GUSTAV GERSTER GMBH &CO. KG and RAHMIG & PARTNER GMBH; and last but not least, for the first time ever at Proposte, one Indian business: G.M. SYNTEX PVT LTD.

Once again, but more significantly so this year, the new galleries from abroad are the living proof that excellence in the world of furnishing fabrics comes from all continents and that quality and value are not just a question of nationality but also of substance, of reliability, of efficiency and of creativity. With each new edition, Proposte is becoming more and more an international event, a vital showcase for high-end fabric and curtain manufacturers from all over the world.

Please remember that admission to the Fair is reserved for sector operators working in the following professional categories: Textile editors, Upholstered furniture manufacturers, Wholesalers, Converters, Large-scale distribution chains, Contract operators, Journalists, Architects and Designers. The pre-registry form for the Fair can be downloaded from the homepage of our website:

For the fifth year running, in the 2019 edition the parallel exhibition International Observatory also will be held on the same days as Proposte. The participating firms, all from abroad, will exhibit in venues close to Villa Erba - Sheraton Lake Como Hotel, Spazio Como and CernobbioShed - and well connected to the Fair via shuttle bus service. Operators will have direct access using their Proposte badge or may request accreditation at the front desk. Please be aware that the International Observatory is the only event external to Villa Erba supported and organised by Proposte.

The social work of Proposte continues on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where news relating to the Fair and its exhibitors will be shared. The main hashtags of the edition are #ProposteFair, #ProposteFair2019 and #WovenStories.

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