Leading bed brand, Sealy UK, is on a mission to help its customers become deeper sleepers, and its World of Sport campaign is a major part of this. Emphasising the intrinsic link between sleep and sporting performance and recovery, the manufacturer is working with a whole host of sporting professionals to help improve their sleep and raise awareness of the campaign.

When we sleep, our brain stays busy overseeing our internal maintenance schedule which keeps us running in top condition. This helps the body to repair itself and build energy for the day ahead. Our muscles and tissues recover, our immune system gets a boost, our spinal discs are rehydrated and all the information we have absorbed during the day gets consolidated in our memory.

The World of Sport ambassadors understand the importance of a good night’s rest and the difference this makes to both their body and mind. Professional athletes performing at the top of their respective sports, the ambassadors each have their own story to tell and have first-hand experience of the vital role sleep plays when it comes to performance, competition and recovery.

Kim wilson

Bodybuilding champion Kim Wilson

Bodybuilding champion, Kim Wilson

Performing at the top of her game, Kim trains intensively and considers sleep to be a vital part of her regime. Commenting on the difference a Sealy bed has made to her performance, Kim said: “the support from Sealy has been absolutely fantastic and it’s really made a big different to my training. I’ve found I’ve been sleeping much better and I feel more alert for my training which I do every single day – this is really important to me, especially as I have a few recurring injuries which can stop, me from getting the rest I need”.

Having recently placed second in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation bodybuilding finals, Kim is set to represent her country in Miami at the DFAC Pro-World Bodybuilding Championships.

Cricket legend, Phil Tufnell

Renowned for his energetic personality, Phil Tufnell attended the Telford Bed Show back in September, and created quite a stir on the Sealy stand. Nicknamed “the cat” due to his tendency to catch a few zeds in his A Question of Sport dressing room, Phil explained that he really notices the difference in his performance if he’s had a bad night’s sleep.

He commented: “Sleep really does play a major role when you’re training hard and competing in your field. Getting enough rest was always top of my list of priorities because it really did have an impact”.

Having slept in a variety of beds while touring the world during his sporting career, Phil recognises the benefits of a comfortable but supportive bed. Phil selected a Hybrid Fusion at the Bed Show, which is certain to improve the quality of his sleep.

Phil tufnell

Phil Tufnell attends the Telford Bed Show

British triathlete, Rachael Vatter

Rachael is an up-and-coming triathlete who recently placed fifth in the World Championships Aquathlon in Mexico, a continuous two-stage race involving swimming followed by running. Due to the extreme physical exertion and determination needed to complete a triathlon, Rachael favours the Sealy Posturepedic collection. Designed to eliminate uncomfortable tossing and turning, the mattresses in the range respond to body weight and pressure points, incorporating seven zones of foam to prevent disturbance and aid restful sleep.

Super League Champions, Wigan Warriors

The latest athletes to partner with Sealy UK, the Wigan Warriors are celebrating having recently become Grand Final Super League Champions. The team understands the importance of striking a balance between training and resting and have been gifted a number of beds by Sealy to ensure the quality of their sleep is the best it can possibly be. It was certainly a proud moment for Sealy to see its logo emblazoned on the Wigan Warriors’ shirts during their triumphant Grand Final win. It just goes to show, good sleep certainly does go a long way!

Sealy and the World of Sport

Holly Venning, Brand Marketing Manager at Sealy UK said: “We’re very proud to be working with our World of Sport ambassadors to raise awareness of an extremely important message. The campaign aims to educate people about the link between a good night’s sleep and sporting performance, and I cannot stress how essential this is. Often these athletes will have professionals looking after their training regimes, fitness and diets but sleep is sometimes completely overlooked.

“All Sealy beds are designed to aid the perfect night’s sleep for all different sorts of sleepers and contain specific features that prevent against bad sleeping habits. The moral of the story here is that a good night’s sleep is the best remedy out there for keeping you alert and focused for the day ahead.”