Fara butt shire beds

Dewsbury-based manufacturer The Shire Bed Company has announced the appointment of Fara Butt as its new sales and marketing director.

The news follows Shire Beds recent expansion of its manufacturing facility, acquiring a further 60,000sq ft, increasing the size of the operation to over 100,000sq ft, whilst also confirming it is currently in the process of designing a new head office and showrooms.

Shire Beds revealed that it has seen growth in all its existing markets including the high street, online and contract, the sales and marketing role further develops the growing in-house team.

Commenting on the new position, Fara said: “I am delighted to be developing this role at such an exciting time with so many new plans in the pipe-line. We will be introducing new products, developing the sales team and venturing into new markets.

“I am looking forward to the future and to building a strong and continually evolving brand. We have seen successful year on year growth in recent years and hope to build on this going forward.”

Originally the concept of Fara’s father, Mr Safdar Hussain, who has been in the industry since the 1980s, the company will celebrate its 20th year anniversary in 2017.