Furniture manufacturer Sofas by Saxon has confirmed a strategic partnership with Yarnton Garden Centre.

Located in Kidlington, Yarnton Garden Centre has undergone a redevelopment, launching a new restaurant, which features a selection of furniture from Sofas by Saxon.

Within the terms of the partnership, Sofas by Saxon supplied 14 pieces of furniture, including a mix of sofas and chairs in both leather and fabric, in return for promotion of the Saxon brand within the redeveloped space.

The new coffee lounge has been branded as the ‘Sofas by Saxon Lounge’, with wall space dedicated to showcasing the brand, including imagery that conveyed the company’s heritage and current workshops.

Saxon highlighted that the Yarnton Garden Centre was an ideal partner for this project due to its large footfall and its similar customer profile.

Matt Deighton, managing director of Sofas by Saxon, said: “We are very much looking forward to working with Yarnton Garden Centre.

“The partnership has not only provided Yarnton with some fine pieces for their coffee lounge, but it has allowed us to showcase the Saxon brand in a way that allows people to experience what we are all about: well-made, comfortable, and elegant furniture.”