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The Furniture Ombudsman has announced that the Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers has joined the organisation.

AMUSF has committed to continuing to raise standards as well as sharing knowledge, pulling expertise and working on initiatives that will help businesses and consumers.

The new partnership adds to the TFO’s current pool of members, which now extends to approximately 8,000 in furniture and home improvement outlets in the UK.

Richard Ranklin, Association manager, said: “We are delighted to have formally linked up with the TFO. This partnership not only ensures we have access to help and advice for our members on trading and consumer issues that arise but has the bonus of that advice coming from a body built around our industry.

“The TFO has unrivalled experience in the furnishings industry and to be able to call on that will undoubtedly be beneficial to all our members”.

Kevin Grix, chief ombudsman and chief executive of The Furniture Ombudsman, added: “We are proud to have joined a partnership with AMUSF and hope to better understand the challenges faced by the upholsters in the industry, and then support them in raising their standards, and therefore inspiring consumer confidence.”