The National Bed Federation (NBF) has announced the launch of its new, revised, NBF Approved Big Tick logo for its audited members.

The new logo now clearly states ‘Made by An Approved NBF Member’ and can be used on members’ product labels and marketing materials, including websites and other online platforms. For non-audited members (ie supplier members), there is a complementary version of the logo.

It is expected that all new production and all online marketing materials will be featuring the new version of the logo within the next three months.

Since the launch of the NBF’s Code of Practice in 2014 - designed to encourage good practice in the industry - the NBF Approved logo has played an important role in creating and strengthening a uniform brand.

Jessica Alexander, executive director for the NBF: “Our logo – and in particular the NBF Approved Big Tick logo – not only reflects the future of the association but is a clear indicator that our members are manufacturing product that is safe, clean and honest.

“The two existing logos - the NBF Approved Member logo for use on own branded products and marketing materials; and the NBF Approved version for use by members’ customers purchasing own label or white label goods – will now be replaced with one to simplify things. One logo will avoid any potential for misunderstanding.”