Cabinet Maker finds out more about Sealy’s partnership with a number of sporting professionals as part of the company’s World of Sport campaign.

Linford christie

Nobody understands the impact that sleep has on sporting performance better than Linford Christie OBE. The sprinting star and Olympic champion is Britain’s most decorated male athlete, making him the perfect ambassador for bed brand, Sealy’s World of Sport campaign.

With more than 10 years of incredible achievements, it is hardly surprising that the sporting champion now coaches members of the GB athletics team. Linford has always been an advocate for sleep when it comes to reaching peak physical performance and is proud of his own sleeping skills, claiming to be able to sleep standing up! Now coaching the next sporting generation, he insists that all his trainees are well rested before training commences daily.

Sealy has also partnered with one of Linford’s prodigies, Margaret Adeoye, a budding sprinter in the GB team. Having represented her country at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Margaret undergoes a rigorous training programme under the watchful eye of her coach and says a good night’s sleep gives her a new release of energy and enables her to continue training hard every day.

As part of the collaboration, the bed manufacturer has gifted the pair a brand new bed each. Both have opted for the Naverro 1400 a medium/firm model which boasts 1400 pocket springs for spinal alignment and a deep layer of Innergenic Latex which provides outstanding comfort and pressure relief. The Naverro also includes Sealy’s Smart Fibres, Adaptive technology, and is endorsed by Allergy UK. These state-of-the-art properties will help Linford and Margaret get the sleep they need to be at their best.

Linford said: “It’s great to be working with Sealy as part of its World of Sport campaign. During my days as a full time athlete, I always made sure that a good night’s rest was top of the agenda. Now as a coach, one of my top priorities is to make sure the team rest well so that they are in peak condition to train hard.”

Margaret commented: “Linford is always very keen for us to rest well before training and you’d be amazed at the difference having a good night’s sleep has on your performance. I can really notice the difference in my speed and endurance if I’m tired.”

Sealy’s World of Sport campaign is aimed at demonstrating the intrinsic link between sleep and sporting success. Whether you’re in training or recovering from injury, sleep is vital for health and wellbeing. It restores the brain and activates the healing process, rehydrating spinal discs.

The brand has drafted in a whole host of sporting professionals to help promote the campaign’s message, including Champion bodybuilder, Zoe Smith, cricketing legend, Phil Tufnell, boxing star, Frank Bruno and many more. Each of the ambassadors has their own story to tell.


Zoe Smith

Zoe smith

Zoe is a record breaking weightlifter and Commonwealth Champion from South East London. Having started out as a gymnast, Zoe has been competing internationally for the last nine years. Set to be part of Team GB at the Rio Summer Olympics, Zoe suffered a shoulder injury which blighter her hopes of representing her country. Since then, she has been recovering at the British Weightlifting Headquarters in Loughborough and sleeping on her Sealy Profile bed.Profile mattresses are ergonomic in concept and are based on anthropometric studies which detail and “profile” the proportions of human anatomy – they are the first mattresses that are shaped to fit the body. The Profile pays special attention to offering exactly the right kind of support to shoulders and hips, which are key pressure points that cause tossing and turning. There is also an area of increased lumbar support to ensure the spine is kept at exactly the right alignment throughout the night.Zoe was recently selected as an Athlete Ambassador for Commonwealth Games England and hopes to compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


Phil Tufnell

Phil tufnell

Much loved sporting celebrity, Phil “Tuffers” Tufnell caused a stir on the Sealy stand at the Telford Bed Show back in September. Nicknamed “the cat” due to his tendency to catch a few zeds in his A Question of Sport dressing room, the former cricketer understands the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Phil sleeps on a Hybrid Fusion bed, which evokes cutting-edge technology and radical design features. The design boasts seven zones of motion and weight responsive pocket springs for total spinal alignment. The Hybrid Fusion also contains 6cm of Geltex, a gel-infused foam that is the most advanced sleeping material available and patented Unicase design which protects the pocket springs and stops the mattress from sagging.


Frank Bruno MBE

Frank bruno

Gaining world recognition for his commitment to professional boxing, Frank Bruno has picked up a number of titles, and injuries over the years.

Being crowned “World Boxing Council Heavyweight Champion” alongside other notable accolades, Frank’s mind and body has been tested to the limit, but the one aspect of his training that remained the same, trying to maintain a good night’s sleep.Having partnered up with Sealy, Frank hopes to enjoy endless nights of blissful slumber to prepare him for the next, less competitive, but still active chapter of his life.You can find out more about the World of Sport campaign and other ambassadors by visiting the website.