Success in the US boxed mattress industry has prompted the creation of a new UK online mattress brand, Hyde & Sleep, as the British market opens up to the concept.

Hyde & Sleep, a brand backed by bed specialist Dreams, launched its offering in April 2016 and focuses on giving customers the choice between sprung and foam micro-boxed mattress, all delivered to the consumers door.

Andrew Tyler, founder of Hyde & Sleep, said: “Buying mattresses online is a booming sector, but the customer needs more comfort, convenience and choice. The modern consumer is short of time. They also want quality products that fit with their lifestyle, and are well designed.”

“Boxed mattress manufacturers currently offer one product in their range to suit every individual, treating all sleepers the same. With Hyde & Sleep, we are looking to break the mould and offer choice. Sleeping position and personal taste dictate the best mattress for every individual and we’re not willing to gamble with something as important as a good night’s rest.”

Hyde & Sleep sells exclusively online at and ships to the UK, with each mattress coming with a 100 day test policy.