Online retail sales showed a ‘gathered momentum’ in May, as warmer weather boosts all categories, with retailers embracing their omni-channel offer.

According to the latest BRC-KPMG Online Retail Sales Monitor May 2016, the 12-month average growth for non-food sales grew by 13.7%, with online penetration up by 21.2% - the third highest rate ever recorded behind Black Friday and the January sales.

Helen Dickinson OBE, chief executive, British Retail Consortium, said: “The pace of online sales in May gathered momentum with a respectable 13.7% growth on last year. Retailers saw positive growth in all categories while fashion sales throughout the month proved particularly popular with online shoppers.

“As contribution from stores was negative, online sales took more than their proportionate share of overall non-food growth. The online penetration rate reached the third highest ever recorded, after Black Friday in November and the January sales.

“Retailers are confidently using their online channels to drive overall growth of their omni-channel businesses. This is evidently where businesses need to direct investment to ensure they remain competitive and meet the demands of the increasingly digital savvy consumer.”