Tidal Store

The owner of a furniture store in Wales is learning how to speak the country’s language to help him chat with customers.

Huw Edwards, director of Tidal’s Store Limited in Blackwood, South Wales, succeeded his parents in running the business.

Originally from Blackwood, Huw spent more than 15 years in Berkshire working in the hotel industry before returning to Wales.

He said since moving back he had noticed how the Welsh language was now used a lot more.

Encouraged by Welsh-speaking members of his family, he signed up for a weekly two-hour course to develop his skill of the language.

Now he can converse with his customers in Welsh.

Huw said: ‘‘When I was growing up, Welsh wasn’t as prominent as it is today in south east Wales, and I chose French over Welsh when I came to decide my GCSE options.

“But as the number of Welsh language medium schools in the area has increased, I’ve certainly noticed the language is being used more in Blackwood.

‘‘The main challenge has been mutations ‑ soft, nasal and aspirate. But I would encourage anyone interested in learning Welsh to go for it - practise as much as possible and make the most of the additional support.’’