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More than half of British shoppers still prefer to see physically see valuable products before buying, according to new research by Barclays.

The Barclays New Retail Reality report revealed that 63% of shoppers preferred the touch approach before making a purchase on big-ticket items, whilst 57% said that they would be more likely to visit stores if they had more in-store technologies.

The report indicates that in the next 12 months, consumers are more likely to shop in the high street branch of a national retailer than from the same retailer online (81% v 60%).

Consumers are also more likely to shop in the high street branch of a local or independent retailer (77%) than use a subscription delivery service (17%) or the mobile app of an internet only retailer (36%). Yet 83% shoppers also plan to shop online at an internet specialist in the next 12 months.

The research reveals that shoppers (65%) are eager to see more touchscreen technology; as well as new payment technologies are highly rated by consumers.

Also highlighted within the report, two thirds want the protection of British retailers prioritised as part of Brexit negotiations, and that the use of social media to complain has risen, with shoppers now five times more likely to use Twitter to complain about purchases than three years ago.

Ian Gilmartin, head of retail & wholesale at Barclays, said: “The British high street is part of what has made the UK great. Being a ‘nation of shopkeepers’ is ingrained in our cultural identity and consumer pride in the sector endures. Our research reveals that the public still see the high street as an essential part of the shopping experience and as a national treasure they want to see protected.

“Consumer confidence in the retail sector is continuing despite uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote, and there are opportunities ahead for retailers if they can maximise the opportunity of ‘Brand Britain’, both at home and abroad.”