Hardwood furniture retailer Oak Furniture Land has been told that a TV advert must not be broadcast after a complaint found that prices regarding to the product on screen were misleading.

Oak Furniture Land ran an advert on TV in April promoting its bank holiday sale claiming that ‘solid hardwood sideboards’ were on offer ‘from £249’. The ad featured a voice-over stating the price, as well as a graphic displaying the amount. The ad also displayed smaller text stating that the product on display was actually ‘£449’.

However, a complainant challenged the advert to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) indicating that the ‘prominent prices did not’ relate to the product featured and the smaller text was ‘difficult’ to read.

Responding to the complaint, Oak Furniture Land, owned by JB Global Ltd, said that the ad didn’t imply the featured product was at the ‘from price’ and it had been produced using Clearcast’s guidelines. Clearcast added that the ad featured a ‘from price’ to showcase ‘the range of products and the price at which the range started’, as well as highlighting the ‘actual price of the product, which appeared on screen at the same time the product was featured’, qualified as to how much the product cost.

Although acknowledging that the ad did include on-screen text, the ASA said that the text was ‘significantly smaller’ than the price tag displayed and appeared to be ‘squashed’, which could lead viewers to miss the information.

The ASA indicated that the combination of the tag and voice-over that was featured whilst the product was on screen would give viewers the impression that the featured product would be available for £249.

A statement from the ASA ruled: “The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form. We told Oak Furniture Land to ensure that future ads did not mislead about the prices that applied to products shown in their ads.”