Furniture retail sales rose in August ending a two month streak of falling sales, as overall UK retail volume sales grew for a 40th consecutive month.

According to the latest retail sales report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the value of furniture retail sales returned to a growth of 3%, on par with sales recorded in May (3.1%) before the following two months decline.

It appeared that Brexit uncertainty hit furniture and other big ticket items across the industry as sales in June and July declined at a deeper rate at 2.5%, then more than doubling to 5.7% respectively.

Despite the turnaround, the rise in furniture sales against the same time last year was slower as August 2015 saw a 4.1% increase.

The volume of furniture sales also increased in August by 5.3%, which was greater than the same period last year when volumes rose by 3.8%.

Furniture volumes followed suit by returning to positive growth from a two month drop of 0.9% in June and 4.3% in July, reporting its strongest increase since April when volumes rose by 7.4%.

Overall, total value retail sales rose by 4.1% compared with last year, whilst total volume sales swelled by 6.2% on August 2015.