John lewis 2

Multi-channel retailer John Lewis has revealed that furniture and technology will continue to merge as stylish designs are becoming more sympathetic to surroundings.

According to its latest Retail Report 2016, John Lewis gives an insight to how shoppers shopped and what key trends, movers and left behinders are impacting the retail environment.

Closer to the furniture industry, John Lewis said that ‘technology will become increasingly embedded into home products’ with upholstery a key market for growth, whilst within lighting, it appears that brass is set to replace copper.

John Lewis claimed that searches for smart home products on grew by a staggering 670%, giving a clear indicator into the area that consumers are buying into.

As for furniture, John Lewis reported that sales of small sofas, known as ‘snugglers’ increased by 12% on last year, whereas compact four foot-wide beds sales rose by 53%, giving the impression that bulky furniture is a big ‘no-no in small houses’. A continued rise of compact furniture is expected to move into the following year, with Britain’s homes now the smallest average size in Europe, with the average new UK home only 92% of the recommended size.

Textiles saw an interesting twist, as according to John Lewis, the top three designs featured a Nordic-inspired theme at 91%, and hummingbirds and seedhead both experiencing 94% rises.

For more information or to view the report, visit: John Lewis Retail Report 2016.