Andrew Mitchell – Digital Marketing Manager, The Brighter Mattress Co.


The way people buy mattresses hasn’t really changed, or should I say the reasoning? The industry is full of statements exclaiming why this mattress is better than that one, or how the key to a good night’s sleep is <insert fad here>. Very few people talk about what really matters, which is the way you feel the next day.

What they should be focusing on are the aptly named ‘brighter moments’, the moments in life when you are triggered to purchase a new mattress. This could be moving in to a new home, downsizing to a new one, sending the kids off to University or simply redecorating. The point is; there is no alarm clock that says ‘hey your mattress is eight years old, you need to upgrade’. Instead you know when you need to upgrade by these key triggers throughout your life.

”What people want is a brand that they can buy in to”

Why would I want to buy a mattress that tells me how I should be sleeping? What people want is a brand that they can buy in to. A mattress should be an aspirational purchase with an aspirational story that truly connects with the audience. As attitudes towards purchasing mattress on-line shift favorably, companies have more room to maneuver, positioning themselves as aspirational purchases.

A few years ago, if you suggested purchasing a mattress online you would have probably been scoffed at. Nowadays it happens daily. This gives the consumer more power, being able to shop around until they find a brand that they can connect with. Plus, nobody wants to lie down in a busy shop and be pressured in to buying a mattress by a pushy salesman. That is a thing of the past. The future is convenience, simplicity and efficiency.

I often make comparisons to the book industry, another industry that had reservations about buying online. Everybody thought Jeff Bezos was dumb for trying to sell books online in 1995. There was a bookstore on every corner, why would people want to risk putting their credit card information online when they could just walk in to a shop and ‘try it out’?

But Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer, dispelling the myth that people want to try it in-store before purchase. A lot of those reservations are laid to rest with simple return systems and trials. A lot of companies like ours now offer a 100 day free trial for consumers, as well as guarantees of up to 10 years.