Texans mattress firm logo 920

Trademark filed for logo

Houston-based Mattress Firm has had five trademark applications published in the UK, including its logo and a number of slogans.

The American mattress retailer, which was acquired by Steinhoff International in September 2016 for a total equity value of around $2.4bn, has officially registered its logo as a UK trademark, filed on 25 July 2016.

Mattress Firm has also registered its ‘Replace Every 8’ logo, as well as three slogans including ‘sleep happy’, ‘comfort by color’ and ‘dream bed’, all of which were filed in July earlier this year.

Mattress Firm has since become a subsidiary of Steinhoff, with its management, led by Steve Stagner, executive chairman, and Ken Murphy, president and CEO, all remaining in place.