Online upholstered furniture retailer has confirmed that it will continue to ‘look’ for ‘specific sites’ as it expands it physical presence across the UK.

In an emailed statement to Cabinet Maker, revealed that it plans to open new stores in ‘specially’ selected locations rather than bombarding every high street., which recently launched its new 8,000sq ft showroom in the Finnieston area of Glasgow last month – its largest store to date, couldn’t unveil the targeted locations but maintained it was actively on the search.

Emma Jenkins, chief marketing officer, said: “ is looking for specific sites within the UK that we believe capture our customer base both existing and new.

“A large part of our customer experience is the embodiment of our brand within our physical spaces and showrooms, led by our product and customer service. It’s not about appearing on the high street in every town and city, rather in specially selected areas as we continue this careful search.”

As stated above, opened in Glasgow, bringing its Scottish portfolio to two, with the other being in Edinburgh, as well as recently launching its showrooms in Bankside and Islington.

London-based has its flagship store in Chelsea, whilst also having a presence in Bath.