Kaymed’s Jeremy Navrady reveals the results of the company’s consumer satisfaction survey.

Having witnessed a huge growth in sales in the UK over the last few years, Kaymed is delighted to reveal a rise of almost 130% over the last twelve months alone. This has largely been attributed to the success of the Therma-Phase and Mighty Bed technologies which were introduced in September 2014.

Most recently, the sleep technology expert has put a great deal of work into getting under the skin of what consumers are looking for, having recently undertaken a consumer satisfaction survey to find out why end users choose to buy a new bed, how they go about it, what the purchasing process is like for them and whether they are ultimately satisfied with their purchase from Kaymed.

Jeremy Navrady, marketing manager UK at Kaymed explained the methodology (and strategy) behind the survey: “We are seeing enormous growth in terms of sales and we know that our retail partners are reaping the rewards of our investment in innovation. However, it’s just as important that we consider what the consumers who have purchased our products really think of them. Understanding the end users’ likes and dislikes of a product that they will use for eight hours a day is product development ‘gold dust’ for us. We value this and plan to factor into it our thinking.” In addition, said Jeremy, “we wanted to test the trade assumptions of how the buying process actually works in order to use that knowledge to optimum effect in our consumer facing activity and drive even more Kaymed purchase footfall for our partners.”

“We contacted only those consumers who had given us express permission to do so, after we built a list from those who had purchased a bed and registered their warranty between January 2015 and July 2016. This gave us a good sample size and a mixture of newer and more established Kaymed sleepers to survey.”

Silhouette 85mm topper

Silhouette 85mm topper

The majority of the respondents had owned their bed for more than seven years. Overall, the consensus was that the main reason for buying a new bed was comfort, with consumers saying that they had used a mixture of media to research beds, but found the combination of in-store experience and staff recommendation to be crucial. Participants also agreed that they were highly satisfied, both with the end product and the service received from the retailer.

Going into more depth, and the findings indicated that when it comes to the reason behind the purchase, most people buying Kaymed beds were doing so to upgrade a bed or replace one which had worn out, with only 2% stating that their reason for purchase was a first bed. A huge 97% also responded that the bed in question was for the main bedroom, with 2% citing the spare room and 1% saying ‘another room’.

“This was not unexpected,” explained Jeremy. “Our customer base is generally mature affluent people in more established homes. Plus, the majority of our beds sold are 5ft wide, so it was unlikely that they were being used in spare rooms.”

Interestingly, the survey also revealed how a Kaymed consumer shops for their bed, with respondents engaging in more than one activity in their search. The highest number, 49% said that they visited an independent retailer, with 19% saying they visited multiple bed retailers, 17% visiting the Kaymed website and smaller percentages saying they had a recommendation from a friend, tried a friend’s bed and tried a bed in a hotel.

An additional 9% stated that they had downloaded information from the Kaymed website. This shows that, whilst a mixture of channels are becoming increasingly more common in the search for big ticket items such as beds, the majority still like to interact in store with the product and seek advice whilst there.

In light of the desire to visit the retailers from the consumer, it was heartening to see that this clearly paid off, with a weighted average of 93.3% overall satisfaction rating from respondents about their service received. “We were particularly pleased with this result,” explained Jeremy, “as it validated our view that the retailers are doing a great job and that they have motivated sales professionals in store who love to sell our products.”

Image for website

How do you rate your bed?

Of course, it helps that the product was also rated highly. “Have we got the beds fundamentally right?” asked Jeremy. “We like to think that we have. Our Therma-Phase bed received a 92.5% satisfaction rating, with the V85 gaining 90.0%, Response Gel 93% and the Mighty Bed a fantastic 96.5%. People loved the Mighty Bed and this provided a useful insight into what Kaymed are doing next.”

Mighty cascade

Mighty Cascade

Another useful tool to come out of the research was the verbatim section, with comments on the different beds remaining overwhelmingly positive. From “I love it, it’s the best bed I’ve ever had,’ for the Therma-Phase, to simply “beautiful” for the V85 and “Best night’s sleep we have ever had. Excellent firm mattress,” for the Mighty Bed. Of course, you can’t please everyone at every level, and one recipient’s boss is probably not very happy according if the comment “Improved issues with a neck and back problem. Oversleep now and am late for work” is anything to go by.

Therma phase ruby

Therma-Phase ruby

What is Kaymed planning to do next?

“Fundamentally we know that we our product offering is right and consumers are joining an army of sales people in becoming our advocates,” explained Jeremy. “We aren’t going to make significant alterations to the range for the NBF show as we don’t want to make life difficult for our retailer partners and make change for changes sake. We will instead evolve the range at a pace that is right for everyone.”

The research will play a big part in the company’s support of its retailer customers, as well as its presence at the NBF BED Show. “We are going to present our findings to retailers as part of our extensive range of point of sale material, including quality photography and video, as well as bed buying and sleep guides containing quality information. We will use the testimonials and ratings on point of sale material at the NBF BED Show and wrap it together so it’s meaningful, making sure that the retailer can relate to it.” The testimonials will also be published on the Kaymed website and it’s not giving too much away to say that you can bet customers and prospects will be in possession of an invitation to visit the company on its stand at the show - the kind of quirky invitation they have come to expect from Kaymed. We are also excited about another phase of research about to take place regarding the Mighty Bed, but unlike the survey respondents, our lips are sealed for now.